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Pitching The Truth

Sep 4, 2018

Will society give people a second chance? Are we willing to really reach out and try to help these people? Why do the society frown upon people that have made mistakes? Is it a double standard that people in the United States that have the wealth, power and the connection are able to be given a stronger second chance than the average person on the street.

And why is it that we decide we can push these people to the curb and not spend the time needed to help them become better members of the society, not go back to prison and learn different skillsets to support their families and support themselves.

Listen as Greg shares tackle about the stigma for those who spent time lockup up. He also shared his mission to put together programs, communities, and resources for people not to go to back prison.


 “Given the right resources, everybody must be given at least one opportunity to try to grow and become a better human being.”

-Gregory Paul Kotsaftis


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Topics Covered

02:19 – The Power of Second Chances-Greg in Real Estate School

05:41 – Real estate board denying Greg’s license

06:26 – Rejection from employment because of his background

07:40 – Greg’s support system from family, friends, and Julie

08:24 – That ‘One’ question: Have you committed a felony and or been in prison?

08:40 – Greg is a success story

10:15 – Greg’s mission to help inmates reintegrate to the society

11:37 – Michael Vick, Jordan Belfort, and Donald Trump: resurrecting their images after hitting bottom

15:23 – Struggle of former inmates when they try to transition back into the society


People Mentioned

Michael Vick

Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall Street

Donald Trump



 Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • I am a success story. I am somebody here trying to change things. I am working on trying to help society become better.