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Pitching The Truth

Jul 31, 2018

Everything must comply with regulations. A regulatory compliance program has positive benefits and outcomes and they also protect the interests of everyone.

In this episode, Greg shares his thought about complacency and compliance, C and C as he call it. Because of Greg’s fast-paced life he overlooked the rules and the laws of the country and experienced the consequence of his actions.  

Stories of Compliance

  • Monthly compliance to his probation - Greg has to deal with the rules set forth until he settle his restitution.
  • Using personal computers to store company data.- Restriction of using personal computers because of personal data protection security (for non-profits) and company information as general
  • Story of a University Profession doing side hustle of public speaking – Because of this professor’s passion he was called in by his University boss due to employment exclusivity clause.


Topics Covered

03:56 – Greg and their organization NP Tech for Good

06:00 – all about Prodigy Coffeehouse  and its non-profit background

08:00 – personal data protection security for non-profits

08:00 – personal data protection security for non-profits

10:15 – what compliance is all about

15:00 – Greg shares a story of a University professor who is doing professional speaking and was restricted because of employment exclusivity clause.

16:38 – Greg personal take on compliance, how a person play by their own rules


 Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • In life, there are rules to be followed.
  • If you are honest, transparent and upfront at all times, you are much better off and not have to worry about the repercussion of not making a decision without letting somebody know.
  • If you do not like the rules, do not be in the game.