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Pitching The Truth

Nov 30, 2018

Greg has been through changes or pivots in his life and every time new doors and opportunities have opened up for him.


In today’s episode, Greg will share those experiences and hope to inspire you to take some risks and reap the rewards of a life well lived. 


“When your hair stands up and kind of like, Oh, what I just said made me kind of uncomfortable. That's the good shit right there. That's the stuff that makes you realize that, Okay you're challenging yourself. You are not sitting back and pretending that everything is okay. You're really putting some thought into this to try to understand how it is you can become a better person. How you can grow and become more interesting.”

-Greg Paul



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Topics Covered


01:35 – Deciding to move from Boston to Colorado, change in lifestyle, the change in atmosphere, the change in environments, really had an influence on me in a very positive way.

03:23 – Choosing to become an entrepreneur, the opportunity of selling cars brought to his life, [00:04:36] realizing all the challenges and the things that I'd overcome in order to succeed

05:14 – from project management works renovating jobs transitioning and focusing more on the more enjoyable, fulfilling ventures of Greg’s career

06:34 – doing hard shit as Jocko Willing says is really, really, what's important. It is really what fulfilled and makes Greg happy

08:04 – taking risks, right? What are we going to do to take risks to make our lives better

08:17 –  Greg’s fiancée taking a huge risk on him despite his past, a great relationship that spawned from the fact that it wasn't easy

10:25 – Start focusing a little more energy on other things this podcast, writing, public speaking, and sharing his message and helping others

11:13 – Early New Year’s resolution implementation from Greg

12:17 – More changes and plans to come for Greg


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