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Pitching The Truth

Jul 17, 2018

Lying isn’t something any of us is particularly proud of. It’s why we hide the fact that we lie in the first place. And not only do we hide our lying, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to justify it, defend it, and/or blame it on anything but our own sneaky and cowardly selves.

In this episode, Greg talks about the speech he did at an event of Lakewood Colorado Rotary Club that tackles about the negative impact lying can cause your health and the importance of joining a circle like a rotary club to help people live their lives truthfully.

Some other side effects of lying include:

  • Lying creates a makeup reality. The act of keeping and hiding a secret because of lying gives us that agony of making our stories to be consistent and convincing to the people we lied on to.
  • Lying hide the real you. If you hold on to secrets long enough and insulate yourself with them, in a sense, you become your secrets.
  • Lying brings agony and stress. Keeping years off of your life.
  • Lying keeps you awake and has difficulty sleeping.
  • By lying you lose your appetite and eventually lose weight.


Topics Covered

01:30 – Rotary Club: The Four Way Test

05:16 – Greg talks about Well’s Fargo Fraud

07:32 – the consequence of not doing the right thing

09:00 – the importance of accountability

10:58 – Greg discussing a study about truth from Notre Dame

12:13 – negative impacts of lying to your health

15:33 – Two Groups of people: direct honest people; liars and deceitful

17:08 – Greg’s positive flow of abundance for being honest


 Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • People need to be held accountable.
  • Every day with social media, and the media, in general, we are being told lie to win. And the reality is that you do not win. You cannot win by lying.
  • Stress is caused by lying and being deceitful. It can take years off of your life.
  • If I can make one person not make the same mistake I’ve made and not go through all the pain I’ve gone through, then my mission is complete.