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Pitching The Truth

Aug 28, 2018

Greg Paul was his family’s Superman. As soon as there’s a problem, he instantly goes in and fixes it. He was definitely good at it. But he overdid everything, over the process. As he did an untruthful act to his car dealership business leading to an arrest and conviction. He knew he had to slow down and win everything. He did not use that opportunity to ask for help from his family and friends.

In this episode, Greg talked about everybody having that Superman Syndrome. That makes use plow people in our attempt to save the day. We did not recognize our personal kryptonite that will lead us to take a step back.

Listen as to this episode and learn to acknowledge your vulnerability and have the power to share it with other people. Know that these vulnerable moments will help you overcome your life’s struggle with the help of the people around you if you just let them in and help you.

 “Being Superman really is not what it is all about. Everybody has their kryptonite.”

-Gregory Paul Kotsaftis


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Topics Covered

02:31 – Two type of identities

03:40 – the superficial success we show other people via social media

04:49 – putting up a brave front that everything is going to be okay, even if we are not

06:06 – the ugliness of depression, financial instability causing everything to crash

07:00 – Greg’s fear of not keeping up with the people in Boulder, Colorado

07:52 – the importance of reaching out to other people for help

08:59 – keeping up the facade of pretention to please people

09:20 – embracing vulnerability for strength

11:20 – Greg coming back to his Jiujutsu training

12:08 – Greg’s trainer’s depression and nervous breakdown struggle and how he overcome

13:33 – overcoming the kryptonite to everybody’s superman syndrome

14:08 – the farmer’s story how took his own life out of fear and frustration

15:44 – being vulnerable and putting yourself out there           

17:25 – you are not superman and it is okay to be vulnerable


 Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • We are ashamed of not realizing how tough things are or not realizing your own weaknesses instead we put that brave front that everything is going to be okay.
  • Do not worry about it you’ll figure it out.
  • Everybody is out there trying to pretend they are something they are not. Which is based on their social circle, their career, how they are perceived by their family. People have this image that they feel they need to uphold.
  • People need to communicate more and share more about how they feel.