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Pitching The Truth

Jun 18, 2018

Greg has been a career salesperson, entrepreneur, and business creator most of his life. But the time came that he had a hard time to keep the truth. His business struggled, he chose to live a dishonest lifestyle, that eventually brought disheartening consequences to him and to the people he loves--even caused the loss of his own freedom.

Some mistakes are greater than others but you should know how you’ll be able to bounce back and take a REBOUND even if your failure threatens to crush everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

In this episode, Greg shares important insights and strategies he did to BOUNCE BACK and REBOUND from his life’s adversity.

Here are Greg’s Proven Strategies to Rebound from Adversity

  1. Reflect and own up your mistakes.

Like what Greg did on his first day on the prison cell, he wrote letters to people he hurt and offended asking for forgiveness and owning up his mistakes.

  1. Tune out from all the negativity.

Wear your “earplugs”. Chose not to listen to all the distractions and negativity that will hinder you to move forward.

  1. Seek Clarity.

You can choose to meditate, pray, read, and write or journal to clear all your thoughts.

  1. Develop a routine.

As Tim Ferris said Routine means freedom.

  1. Control your distractions.

Chose to eliminate your life’s distraction in order for you to reach your goal and destination.

  1. Take action and move on.

Find for solutions and interesting things to solve your adversity. Eliminate your life’s anchor from moving forward. Do not get sucked up by other people’s negativity that tells you cannot do it.


Topics Covered

01:47 –  Greg’s business story: car dealership, wine store, real estate, and auto repair shop

04:17 –  his business downfall—the end of the lying game

09:06 –  Greg describes what it is like inside the prison facility

09:50 –  How Greg distracted himself by praying, meditating, reading and writing

11:55 –  How Greg develop a daily routine to cope up with his days inside the facility

13:05 –  the power of meditating, praying, and journaling routine to gain clarity

16:35 –  ways can control your distractions

18:26 – the power of reflection

20:13 –  Greg’s powerful tips to overcome adversity


Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • I started to read because I realized I had to distract myself. I would not accept that I was in prison. I would not accept that I was in jail. I would never accept this reality.
  • Freedom could be anything.
  • When I meditated I was no longer in prison. I could literally tune out the world. My thoughts are so deep, my mind is so clear.
  • With the power of routine. That is how I overcame the obstacles of fear, worry, anxiety, shame, anger, and frustration.
  • When you are trying to overcome adversity, it is so difficult because you are so distracted. But you can choose to shut it off.
  • You’ve got to hustle to overcome adversity.