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Pitching The Truth

May 1, 2018

Truth is the critical foundation for a fair and just society. In court, witnesses are required to swear to tell ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’, because that is the best way for justice be delivered.

Society places a high value on truth.

In this episode, Gregory Paul tells his own story with honesty, vulnerability and raw reflection. As he tells us how keeping the truth led to a dishonest lifestyle and brought disheartening consequences to his life and to the people he loves.

After the loss of his business, his family, his home and his freedom Gregory Paul was left with nothing. He was left with literally two black duffel bags of clothes, his bike and living in an apartment alone, depressed and broke.

He had to start over from scratch.

He had to live the second half of his life, recreate himself, and be functional again. Through his years of searching, meditation, reading, journaling and praying, he resurrected himself and his career.

Follow his story through this podcast, take the life lessons as he journeyed from the peak to the bottom and back up again.

Watch him as he lives his life again, now in a direct, honest and upfront way. Far from the deceitful, and untruthful life he used to choose.

What You’ll Discover

  • Why speaking the truth is important?
  • How can the loss of freedom be a big blessing and help you redirect your life?
  • How being truthful and honest benefits you and others?

Topics Covered

00:41   -           Greg Paul’s personal and business background

02:17   -           being the very first eBay car dealer during 1995 internet boom

05:27   -           Financial Crisis of 2008--the fall of Greg’s car dealership business

09:09   -           Greg’s darkest days-- robbing Peter to pay Paul, one debt after another

11:10   -           his car dealership business shut down

13:18   -           40 counts of theft, being sentenced 6 years plus 20 years of probation

15:17  -           how first night serving his sentence gave Gregory Paul a full sense of relief

16:13  -           how reading, meditating and praying helped him

18:43   -           starting a new life with 2 duffel bag

20:32   -           being an open book to Julie -the girl he is dating

23:18   -           how being truthful and honest benefits you and others


Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode


  • A lot of people get caught up in things that they do not really understand.
  • Every day that I was trying to fix these problems, I was not doing it from an honest direct perspective. I was too scared to be vulnerable.
  • I see people walking into their lives every day in a zombie life state, kind of I was. Just going forward thinking, “If I just do these things, will get better.”
  • No matter what good you do, second chances do not happen the way they should in America because of online reputation.
  • Direct, honest and upfront is the way I try to live my life every day.
  • People are trying to create an image that is not really them.