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Pitching The Truth

Feb 8, 2019

On this episode, Greg unveils his life story, how he failed his businesses, his life in prison and the impact of his actions on his family as he was interviewed by Niki Lee of This America, Nurse Niki. Learn from him how he rebuilds his life and gives back to society as a better person.


“The minute that hit me, I completely realize I had to change. So the first thing I did was start writing anybody I could to forgive, much forgive. To ask for forgiveness and kinda tell them I am sorry about what I’ve done and why it happens.”

- Greg Kotsaftis



Topics Covered:

03:00 - Greg talks about his life experiences especially when he lost his moral compass

04:40 - He shared how his life in prison changed him

07:05-  The effects of losing his freedom and how he copes with it

10:50 - How his actions affect his family and friends emotionally

12:55 - Greg’s takes us back to his childhood and upbringing

15:35 - The fascinating fact about some head trauma do our brain function

17:40 - Greg’s word of advice to help you deal in this kind of situation


Quotable Takeaways:

“The biggest issue right now that I see the world is people are accepting dishonesty as something allowable and people are not paying attention to. But at the end of the day it really can sneak up on you, kinda like what happened to me.  ”- Greg Kotsaftis

 “Before you can start to healing is accepting what’s happening to yourself. Facing the truth head on and just moving forward from it.” -Nurse Niki

“It is so much easier and so much clarity in your mind, so much more ability to think and be happy when you say the gross truth. You can sleep better at night.” - Greg Kotsaftis


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