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Pitching The Truth

Jul 24, 2018

In this episode, Greg Jameson got to interview Gregory Paul on his podcast 20 Minutes of Influence where you will want to take fully to heart as you listen to Gregory Paul share his story.

You can visit the actual interview on Greg Jameson’s page. The interview is titled, “The Importance of Always Being Truthful


“The consequences of your lies will catch up with you.”


-Gregory Paul Kotsaftis




01:04 - How Greg Jameson and Greg Paul met

03:32 – Greg Paul share his backstory

06:22 – Greg Jameson talks about influence and being truthful

08:26 – being direct and honest when it comes to making sales

10:52 – how your dishonest past can catch up with you

15:00 – everyone being micro influencers

21:24 – Greg shares how he got charged

22:43 – how Greg Paul felt like a ‘town leper’ when everyone knew his dishonest act

25:01 –serving 14-months in Camp George West facility

26:35 – Greg Jameson thoughts on Greg Paul’s experience

27:28 – Greg Paul’s take on addressing adversity and irate customers

29:15 – Greg Paul’s major life lessons from his experience

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