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Pitching The Truth

Jul 17, 2018


Owning your truth gives you the freedom to take charge of your own life. Even accepting your own mistakes can give you the power of redemption. When you become honest with yourself about what you want and what you want to do, you'll be on track to living your honest life.

But what if you did something that put you behind bars, are you willing to expose it?

In this episode, Greg contemplated how much he will expose his truths, expose who he is, what he has done and what had happened to him. He shared how he was holding back to bare it all for the fear to what others will think.

Listen as to how Greg share his vulnerable thoughts, how at first he felt reluctant about sharing his story. Find out how he plans to go all in and expose his truths and his story.


Topics Covered

00:58 – How Greg contemplated on how he will bare his truths

01:43 – Greg shares the story of Frank Abagnale, from Catch Me If You Can

02:25 – the importance of having a coach

03:31 – How Greg feel reluctant about sharing his story

04:33 – Greg on vulnerability

05:38 – Greg talks about his plan to go all in and tell his story

08:00 – social media the lies behind it

08:32 – how ego drove Greg to commit his crimes

09:32 – Greg talks about second chances

11:22 – Greg talks about the importance of owning the things you do

12:44 – redemption

13:30 – Greg shares one story when a realtor friend rooted and stood up for him

16:30 – random stories of everyday deceits and redemption

18:18 – all about Greg’s mission to share his story and help many people find their truth



 Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • You cannot live your life in the shadow.
  • You cannot hide from the truth and pretend that what happened did not happen.
  • I have to really get out there and start speaking my message and let people know about what happened to me, what I did and how it affected other people so others can learn from it.
  • Just because somebody has a past does not mean that they are a bad person.


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