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Pitching The Truth

Dec 25, 2018

Today's special guest is Brandon Peele. We had an in-depth conversation about your creating your own life's purpose mainly for this is for men trying to figure out how to figure out what they want to do with their life and what kind of big purpose or footprint they want to leave on this earth. And he had a lot of great insight and I was very blessed to have him as a guest and he also provided me with some great things to think about and I think you guys all enjoy it. So please take a listen and thank you again so much for listening to pitching the truth.

Brandon Peele serves Americans who feel betrayed by the American Dream, who have discovered that hard work, voting and luck are not enough to have a life, career, and country that work.

He guides people to awaken their purpose-driven leadership. He is a Certified Purpose Guide (TM), author of Planet on Purpose (2018), co-author of Purpose Rising (2017) and The PURPOSE Activation Blueprint (2015). Brandon has worked with people from organizations such as Apple, The Smithsonian Institute, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Illumina, Zeiss, Sapient, Morgan Stanley, Google, and the United States Marine Corps. As a leader of online purpose courses, Brandon has guided thousands of people from over 50 countries to awaken, embody and lead with their higher purpose. You can learn more about Brandon’s work at



“A man’s presence is indicative of his awareness.”

– Brandon Peele


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Topics Covered


00:44 – Brandon’s background and his backstory, the awakening to how he decided to find his life’s purpose

17:26 – What it means to 'Be A Man' in today's world

17:26 – Brandon explained the different Archetypes, what men need to be

18:43 – #MeToo vs. walking your talk

19:51 – Difference it brings when good men stand up

21:22 – Importance of men’s presence and awareness

25:01 – 5 years’ projection of the Mankind Project




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