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Pitching The Truth

Sep 25, 2018

Men are fading away from the community and the cost is high. Male suicide is at an all-time high and it is time to take action. We must surround ourselves with the set of friends that can act as our sounding board and can help us get our craps together.

Listen here as Greg Paul shares his insight about why he failed without a tribe and learn why having your own crew behind you is so important.The people who know you so well that you don’t care to show your true self around them.


“Men need other men to hold them accountable.”

- Greg Paul Kotsaftis


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Topics Covered

03:19 – The need to have your own tribe

05:47– The tribe of men you need

07:20 – Role of Greg’s core group in his life

09:22 – Type of person you should be with

11:13 – Greg’s regrets on neglecting friendship

12:31 – What being around other people means to Greg


Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • I need to remember not to do it alone.
  • When things get bad, I felt alone. I feel I don’t have anyone to turn to.
  • We are designed to be in a tribe of people. We are designed to be around other people.

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