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Pitching The Truth

Sep 18, 2018

How can the act of telling the truth influence your life?

TJ Dunhoft is a life, life purpose, and dating coach. He is the founder of Authentic Self,LLC. His mission is to help men and women achieve and sustain love and family in their lives.

Listen here as TJ shared how Greg impacted him to be an authentic vulnerable communicator, how they recall their coaching days, how Greg helped TJ consensually leave his fading marriage. Also, TJ shared some insights on how couple must work on their relationship to maintain they sexual polarity to achieve and sustain a good relationship with each other.


“The more vulnerable and honest I was. I felt like the more space was available for love.”

- TJ Dunhoft


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Topics Covered

01:10 – TJ Dunhoft background

02:42 – How Greg and TJ met

04:03 – His challenge being attracted to another woman despite being married

05:40 – His major take away from his coaching with Greg

06:50 – Being in the authentic genuine vulnerable place

09:21 – Impact of being direct and honest

10:30 – TJ’s divorce with his wife

 15:18 – Importance of stepping back and freeing the space so the things you like will manifest

16:33 – The universe’ challenge to us

18:09 – The biggest regret of people: missed opportunities and broken relationships

18:50 – Importance of maintaining a sexual polarity that couples have for each other

22:14 – Working for the relationship

23:25 – Men and women’s life purpose for each other

26:20 – Men and women’s virtue and characteristics and how to stay in sexual polarity


Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • Your life purpose is searching for you too.
  • I was getting lessons that I needed to learn, experienced I need to experience so that I can heal and liberate other men and women going through similar issues.
  • When you kind of step back a little bit or allow time to heal from a negative occurrence it is amazing how it is serving you.
  • People are so close to the painting they cannot see the whole picture.

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