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Pitching The Truth

Dec 7, 2018

Why does reputation matter? Because once you lose it you may never get it back.

Listen to Greg's insight on rebuilding his own reputation and why people need to pay attention to how they are seen and perceived by all of the people in their lives.


“You have to pay attention to the people you are with. You have to pay attention to the actions of the people that you're around because all it takes is one major mistake by them and you can get sucked into their hole and you can be dragged to the bottom just like some of the people that were affected by my actions."

-Greg Paul


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Topics Covered


01:09 – Insights and thoughts about how people undervalue building their reputation.

03:01 – The repercussions from not maintaining a good reputation reputation

04:31 – Greg’s pain and the sting of having to start all over again, find new friends, new people that can trust him having to rebuild his reputation after all his mistakes

05:25 – Greg’s unwritten rule of letting other people know that he is on a short leash

07:07 – Why you need to pay attention to build your reputation

08:05 – Are you a good dad or the bad dad? The image you are portraying can damage how your children see you as a person

12:42 – How you manage your reputation and you manage your ego

15:38 – The time it takes for you to rebuild your reputation after a major damage and taint

16:15 – How the internet and social media can hurt and taint your reputation

18:30 Greg’s rant about the importance of protecting and building your reputation


People Mentioned

  • Walden Long




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