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Pitching The Truth

Nov 8, 2018

Every day our words affect others either in a positive or negative way.

In today's podcast, I share how different people and their words helped me to succeed and to sometimes fail. Take a lesson from my experiences and go and change someone’s life today.

I now realize the importance of having yourself surrounded by people that will give you the words that are really, really important and honest. Not only the praise but also the words of doubt or the words of discouragement or the words to, to basically let you know that, hey, you're not on the right path. You're doing things the wrong way or you're not being honest. You're not being direct.”

-Gregory Paul


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Topics Covered

01:30 – Greg’s mission and involvement in Denver’s criminal justice reforms

02:04 – The impact of the power of words to Greg’s life growing up becoming a pleaser and trying to figure out everything on his own

04:20 – Robin’s impact to his life, being the only person that praised him and became his positive influence to his life

07:01 – Shifting gears, moving to Colorado with Robin, believing in his capacity and that he can do more by listening to Robin’s words of encouragement

08:14 – Powerful words that made him successful- being salesman of the month, breaking sales target after sales target

09:30 – The Positive impact of people around him

10:25 – The fall of his success—nobody told him that he is about to make a big mess

12:20 – The words of discouragement from his supervising officer inside the facility, an accountability he got from his sixth officer who believed in him and recognized his efforts

 16:57 – Giving positive vibe and casual conversation to people we meet

17:20 – What is more with Greg, his mission to help former felon to transition back to the society


Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • “At the end of the day, words matter. Everybody in there was just negative. So I spend most of my time ignoring everybody. I literally wore head wore earplugs all day long. To this day I still prefer to have something in my ears to kind of soften the noise because it really does bother me to have to listen to other people's negativity.”
  • “Words such as you're a convicted felon, you're wired differently. You're never going to change. These were words that were said to me by an officer that looked across from my desk, her desk at me, and basically had complete control over everything that I did or whether or not I went back or I stayed out.”
  • “Probations supposed to be about rehabilitation. It's supposed to be about helping people become better, helping me go into society and become a better person, but the words that were chosen were never literally, it took me five, five, or six different supervisors until somebody actually said the words to me, Greg, you know what? You're doing a really good job.”
  • “The power of words matter. Every single day. We can hurt somebody or help somebody with our words. We can be positive and encouraging.”


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