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Pitching The Truth

Oct 30, 2018

Greg was interviewed in CJ Evolution Podcast, a show that put a twist on traditional criminal justice professions and provides tools to set yourself up for success in your career and for the future.

In this episode Greg shares his story how he owned his mistake after he defrauded a lot of people out of a lot of money, deceiving Peter to pay Paul, got arrested, did some time incarcerated, and now doing the right thing. Taking full responsibility for his actions.

Greg, man, you're in the minority man. I really appreciate you coming on the show. And I what I mean by in the minorities, you're one of those rare individuals out there, who actually has taken responsibility for some of the actions that you've done throughout your life and again, that's an admirable trait man, because me being a cop or a long time, you hardly ever see that.”-Patrick Fitzgibbons, Host of CJ Evolution


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Topics Covered

02:10 – Greg’s background, going stray because of his bad choices despite growing in a very supportive family

5:60 – his family’s reaction when they heard that he was arrested and was facing theft charges.

08:20 – Time for reflection, how his time in prison affected him as a person

09:07 – Choosing motivation over blame

10:24 – The support he got from family and friends: the regular visit from his daughters and friends, books they bought for him to read

13:25 – From making millions of money to suddenly losing freedom

14:00 – Greg’s biggest takeaway from his experience

15:45 – His struggle integrating back into the community as a former felon

17:15 – What he did after he went out of the facility, how we make ways to pay his restitution

18:43 – The power of owning his mistakes, things he did to keep going-speaking for Prisoner’s Against Crimes, Defy Ventures and other speaking engagements

23:35 – How his relationship with his friends got affected by him being in prison, losing the majority of his friends after

26:00 – Meditation, journaling, reading, exercises- developing a powerful routine helped him go forward

29:09 – If he could go back and change anything, what will it be? After the 2008 market, he should have fired all his employees and filed bankruptcy a day after instead of fighting to come back up

30:30 – Connect with Greg Paul


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Connect with Patrick Fitzgibbons


Connect with Gregory Paul