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Pitching The Truth

May 7, 2018

When it comes to relationships – it is recommended to start with honesty.

Honesty is a sign of wholeness, confidence, and self-love. Honesty equates to trust and intimacy. And it determines the longevity of any relationship.

In this episode of Pitching the Truth, Gregory Paul dive deep the three major points of how an open, honest and direct communication can impact your relationship where is with your family, relationship and business.


  • Affects your upbringing as a child when you have open communication with your parents. It does not have to be monetary support, could be moral support, guidance, direction, and insight.
  • Can avoid further consequences if you share your struggles with your family instead of figuring out everything on your own. Prevents you from choosing the deceitful way out.


  • You can get what you want from the relationship.
  • You can do a check and balance on the people in your life that are worth keeping.
  • You can test people especially friends if they are worth keeping or not. By being direct and honest with the people you are with you can directly qualify if they are worth your time or not.
  • Help you honor your own time.
  • You can be honest and let people know when you think you need more time on yourself. Make them understand that this is what you want. Just let them know and see how they will react. The majority, these people will react in a kind generous way.
  • Being blunt and honest will make you more empowered in making your own decision.
  • People respect and seek your opinion more.
  • Save your valuable time by being bluntly direct and honest about what you expect from your relationship, by stating you want, dislike, favorites, and passion. You just have to lay you cards from day one.


  • Saves your credibility. When you are in your building your career, you need to be direct and honest with everybody that you meet. Never talk smack behind your co-worker back just to try to improve your position.
  • Brings you solid reputation. Client honors every deal you make with them.



Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode

  • In relationships, people do not communicate directly and honestly.
  • Shame is what kept me from admitting my truth to other people because I was scared of the outcome.
  • People are scared to expose themselves. They are scared, to be honest, truthful and direct because they are afraid that someday someone just going to shun or outcast them.
  • You’ll never know when your time is up. So why would you waste it in a relationship that was not really fulfilling or was not really working?