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Pitching The Truth

May 24, 2019

I recently went to a funeral for a family friend listened as he was revered as a great man, father, and husband but also as an a$$hole. Take a listen and hear the insights shared through his life about being direct and not caring about what others think of you. I apologize for the rough voice in advance as I was getting...

May 10, 2019

When trust is tested coming clean as soon as possible with the truth is the only chance you have to save the situation or possibly the relationship.

In this weeks episode, I share my own experience when my trust was challenged and how I quickly forgave the other person to get to the truth of what happened.




Apr 30, 2019

We all have a past and it will forever haunt you if you let it. Here are the reasons why you need to leave your past behind and only focus on the present moment. As long as your present actions are in alinement with you are today as a person that is all that matters.


"...people have issues they live in the past. "


Apr 23, 2019

This week Greg shares why having something that brings you joy and happiness in your life is so important to make sure you are appreciating your individual self.

For years Greg was lost in a world of only pleasing others, work and mundane day to day events. Take a listen and find out why it is so important to have your...

Apr 16, 2019

Michelle Garcia is formerly an incarcerated woman convicted for financial crime. She’s one who finds re-entry into society is much harder than staying in prison. She now works for Anti-Recidivism Coalition, a support network for formerly incarcerated people.

Take time to hear from this 51-year old mother who...